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mmmorbid: Raychul is so pretty and cute and nice! ILU!
briangrapes: queerinmesoftly always posts the most interesting ~*~party~*~ pictures. She makes me want to have my own orgies and take pictures of people on toilets.
yeahwellalright: queerinmesoftly is simply the best. She's the hottest hottie and her picture posts leave me wet and in tears of laughter from the hilarity.
aurosan: I wish she would queef in me softly.
cadaver_andante: queerinmesoftly is the shit. You can't even debate it.
minarets: queerinmesoftly is fantastic and my WIFEY. oh, and we won't discuss the fake eyes...
xdarling: SHE'S SO TITE~!
sweet_tiffany82: queerinmesoftly is so sweet and her pictures are fantastic. plus i never get bored reading her entries.
readmywords: She's so polite! She always says please and thank you when I let her blow me!
banke: I could watch her poop all day!
drifta_: queerinmesoftly helps me finally understand what michael bolton is singing about
_mcmahon: I love dis girl, she is sexy!!!
fuckin_awesome: If I was lez, she'd be #1 on my "who i'm gonna fuckkk" list :*
captain_oats__: queerinmesoftly is a sexy biotch and i luv her. not l-o-v-e love. just L-U-V love!! if you aren't on her friends list then you are a NOBODY!

"When guys say they want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed, OK, that's cool. But you know what? Then you're not man enough for me, because any man who's gonna date me has to know I'm gonna be me all the fucking time."

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